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Reflecting on the First Year

We have arrived at our 1-year anniversary. It is a warm and heartfelt milestone. It was originally thought that the first anniversary would be a wild celebration, however it feels more authentic that this moment has arrived quietly. An understated token of time passed. As we continue to build momentum it is far more exciting to keep our eye on the ball then to stop and celebrate the past 12 months. But looking back will help us move forward with intentions clearly maintained.

The first year was defined by risk. Calculated risk we admit, but a chance where everything was on the line never the less. Our aim was never to simply dip a toe in…it was either we change nothing, or we go all the way. This is of course an intimidating but liberating decision. Fear can be a powerful motivator as you drive head first into a long time dream, but the fear of failure can quickly become crippling after the initial adrenaline wears off. Almost immediately it became critical for us to embrace the unknown as a gift, and to do the opposite of fear. It was not difficult to do, once that became the intention, mainly because we have always believed deeply in our vision for a motion design studio. So we looked past the bottom line and threw away old rules of what a business is “supposed to do.” Instead we focus on the essence of what we are working for at Frost, what is right for our company and clients alone? We focus on doing the very best work and trust that the rest will fall in line.

Our mission has always been to bring artistic sensibilities to mainstream media, but even more then that we want to inspire and promote artists. Frost is a sanctuary for creativity through motion design, a place to uplift client visions and to slow down the chatter of production. We strive to help everyone involved enjoy the process of being inventive. So with this in mind we hold fewer internal meetings, work whenever needed, rejuvenate when necessary, and discard old business rules that no longer serve us. Trust is our foundation, and out of trust we have found mutual respect for whomever we are collaborating with… and because of that great ideas have more space to grow.

So as we embark on our second year it is hard to say what we will find 12 months down the line, but one thing is more clear then ever…we love this business very much. The chance to create art for a living is a fine place to exist. Thank you to those who have supported us. We are humbled by our brilliant community and thrilled to push into a new chapter.