The Art of Chocolate

The experience of Miette et Chocolat is like nothing else.  This chocolate shop would be more accurately described as a modern museum of edible art.  Wandering through Stanley Marketplace, we came across Miette et Chocolat by chance.  The breathtaking creations stopped us dead in our tracks.  We were instantly spellbound and eager to learn about the man behind the sweets.

When you meet Chef Gonzo it is instantly apparent you are talking to someone special.  His passion and magnetic creative energy is infectious.  Without hesitation, we were welcomed into his kitchen.  A true artisan, Chef Gonzo’s work sends his customers on a mind-bending, and often interactive, experience.  One can’t help but ponder how someone could create such things from chocolate.

Chef Gonzo formally began his creative journey at the age of 17 when he enrolled in the Buenos Aires pastry and culinary school.  After completing his studies, he traveled the country working at 5 star hotels and among celebrity chefs. His path eventually led him to Boulder, Colorado to become the head pastry chef position at the St. Julien.  After holding many other prestigious roles, he decided to launch a personal line of chocolates before returning to South America in 2013 where he later accepted a coveted position with Barry Callebaut as the Corporate Chef for the South American Region and Director of the Chocolate Academy in Chile.

Fast forward a few years, many travels and even more publications later, he settled in Colorado to launch Miette et Chocolat with his business partner, David Lewis.  If running a business and being the head chocolatier wasn’t enough, he is also a chef for Republica Del Cacao USA  (Authentic Latin American chocolate hand in hand with local communities, developing sustainable fine cacao production at its source).

Chef Gonzo’s South American roots surrounded and inform his work.  Raised on thoughtful food enjoyed over long family meals, Miette et Chocolat extends that warmth in bite-size portions, inviting everyone to enjoy a moment of culinary magic.

In our never ending creative journey, we are thrilled to connect and collaborate with artists like Chef Gonzo who use their craft to delight and uplift.  Coming soon, custom Frost branded chocolate art.  After all, “a little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.” – Willy Wonka.