Telluride Film Fest 2019

From modest to extravagant, every film festival has a distinct identity and provides guests with a unique experience.  Throughout the year the festivals attract diverse crowds of filmmakers and invite visitors to discover extraordinary stories from around the world.  The Telluride Film Fest takes place in a remote and rustic Colorado town, nestled within the breathtaking San Juan peaks. A seemingly unlikely place to enjoy some of the best films of the year.  The special location of this festival is not only an excuse to get off the grid, but it provides a disarming setting where like-minded people come together to discover an inspiring community with a shared sense of passion.

Telluride is an industrious and laid-back place where directors and cinema masters don’t hide behind velvet ropes.  Instead, people from all walks of life casually enjoy the charming ski town in jeans and t-shirts. Everyone is liberated to simply enjoy what they love most, watching movies. The festival is known to keep the film line-up a secret (even to the press), but the show never fails to impress and the line up has gained a reputation for Oscar glory. 

Unforgettable breakthrough moments in film and nature are created as guests sit under the stars watching the outdoor big screen, ride the Gondola over to the Chuck Jones Theater, and hang at local coffee shops with industry stars.  The Telluride Film Festival has an undeniable charm. Each year it continues to draw in audiences with its extreme setting and breakthrough performances. The mountains are a grand equalizer, and therefore Telluride is the perfect place to host a gathering that celebrates the very best in what ties us all together, beautiful storytelling.  

 Standout films from this year’s festival:

  • FORD v FERRARI (d. James Mangold, U.S., 2019)
  • UNCUT GEMS (d. Josh Safdie, Benny Safdie, U.S., 2019)
  • WAVES (d. Trey Edward Schults, U.S., 2019)
  • THE TWO POPES (d. Fernando Meirelles, U.K., 2019)
  • JUDY (d. Rupert Goold, U.K.-U.S., 2019)
  • MARRIAGE STORY (d. Noah Baumbach, U.S., 2019)