The Journey

Project Background

When we launched in 2015 it was imperative that our company ethos was crystal clear. Our mission statement was something that not only needed to be written, but also seen and felt. We decided to create a piece that would showcase our abilities and inspire us to set mindful intentions. Our goal is to use modern technology to uplift mainstream advertising. By weaving artistic sensitivities into the everyday we can lead our clients into a space that is fresh and thoughtful. The hope with this brand anthem was to illustrate that it is important to not simply sell, but to inspire. Of course we also felt this was a fitting metaphor for the first year launching our business. We too were exploring the unknown and pushing the boundaries.

Fulfilling Our Vision

Discovering the perfect music track propelled the pace of this story. We fell in love with this haunting new age rendition of a sweet and familiar song and applied very little editing. Finding the right footage for each scene, however, took a lot more energy and patience since we used stock. We contacted a dozen shooters to determine the frame rate and lens used for every shot, a necessary detail in order to seamlessly introduce our 3D astronaut since we were at the mercy of the available footage. We were determined to fulfill our vision using the available options, which ranged in quality, but we refused to be restrained by the lack of options. After months of searching we put the pieces together. What transpired was a narrative that takes place in a tranquil yet surreal landscape. A quest grounded in a reality just out of physical reach. Drawing the viewer into a dreamlike consciousness.