Run With Hart


Agency: AKQA
Lead Animator: Curt Cooper
Designer: James Mabery and Tom Oakerson
Senior Agency Producer: Dustin Freeman
Creative Director: Whit Jenkins
Associate Creative Director: Aaron Seymour-Anderson
Associate Creative Director: Thom Lovegrove

Project Background

It is rewarding to be involved in a 2D design project promoting a good cause…and it is even better when the idea is a passion project of Kevin Hart’s, now backed by Nike. The cutting edge agency AKQA partnered with us to create a 2D video for their social media campaign to help celebrate the “Run With Hart” project, which aims to motivate people about fitness by sharing his love of running.

Bringing the Campaign to Life

Most of the work went into character design upfront. It was so important to design in a style that was cheerful and minimalistic, but still highlighted the recognizable hero character. Once Kevin’s look was locked-in we brought the character to life animating the 2D cityscape with playful transitions to catch people’s attention on social platforms.