Run the Call “Launch”


Executive Producer: Beth Cooper
Creative Director: Curt Cooper
Audio: Coupe Studios

Project Background

Run the Call is shaking things up with a platform that changes the way attorneys and firms connect.   This client needed a launch video that would not only establish their brand but also give consumers a quick understanding of the product.  Creating hype while educating lawyers about the new platform meant walking a delicate line.  In order to create a serious but exciting tone we decided to use iconic footage mixed with the modern look of tracked motion graphics.  This marriage of old and new establishes Run the Call as a company capable of bridging the gap between respected traditions and innovative technology.  A trustworthy pioneer taking a fresh look at the existing structure of law practice.

Raise the Bar

In order for us to create a compelling launch video for a start up we first needed to dig into the core mission. The script had to be concise to effectively relay the concept through 2D supers. There was no need for flowery language or long explanations about how the app works in this teaser. We simply wanted to create a strong first impression that would resonate. There needed to be buzz surrounding the launch, but we didn't want to rock the boat too dramatically and end up alienating the law community. Our "disruption" is forthright...but contained. The lack of VO creates a silent confidence, giving a voice instead to the product alone and establishing RTC as a tool for the community.