Paper Fashion Show

Creative Direction and Design: Curt Cooper

Project Background

The ADCD is a key proponent for cutting edge design in Denver, so it was our pleasure to be involved in the promotion for their annual Paper Fashion Show event. What makes this show so captivating is the mind-bending juxtaposition of designers using only paper to create breathtaking and technically complex garments. This unique motif inspired our ironic and whimsical direction. The background edit is a compilation of utilitarian machinery and rundown warehouses, while the animation is a vibrant mix of bright 2D type and 3D metamorphosis.

Bringing Abstract Ideas to Life

Like the show, which moved locations this year and took place in a refurbished factory, the sizzle video plays up visual contradictions. We admire the fashion industry’s ability to combine art with technical design, bringing abstract ideas to life on the runway.