History of Change: 3D Animation


Agency: OX Creative
3D Animation: Curt Cooper

Project Background

It was easy to feel inspired for this animated project, as the subject matter is inherently interesting to capture in 3D. The video objective was to create compelling visuals to carry the voice-over. The challenge was to figure out what artwork would be fitting, but not obvious, for this elusive topic. The client wanted a clean minimal look that could engage but not dictate the imagination of the viewer. This fine balance is a delicate one, but we reveled the challenge of finding a way to support the audio without allowing the motion to become distracting.

Walk the Line

As a nod to the voice-over the final product walks the line between new vs. old by showcasing familiar objects with a new age twist. What better way to embrace the possibilities of technology than by using high-end 3D renders?