DotCom Therapy

Creative Director: Curt Cooper
Executive Producer: Andrew Johnston
Sr. Animators: Jesse Willis and Tony Pinkevich
Copywriter: Eric Singer
Audio: Coupe Music

Project Background

For DotCom therapy we wanted to create a launch video that appealed to people of all ages, and established a tone for their emerging brand.  The aesthetic had to be warm and whimsical, yet sophisticated.  The richly detailed scenes needed to engage without distracting their audience from the core message.  We wanted to establish DotCom as a professional medical service without loosing the human element of personal therapy.  Finding the middle ground between high-tech and healing was the key to this creative collaboration.

Therapy for All

DotCom Therapy has a simple and earnest mission, to provide therapy services to everyone regardless of location. It was our pleasure to help launch their company message with an animated video illustrating the core service. The end result combines a slightly muted color pallet with diverse and detailed landscapes.