Amaro Montenegró

Project Background

Born from the ancient medicinal practices of alchemists and monks, Amero Montenegro is a piece of aromatic bottled history. The recipe has not changed since 1885. The bottle still contains the original wealth of botanicals, roots and herbs which are distilled in fresh water from Italy’s Gran Sasso Mountains.

After learning of the liquors rich history it became clear that the video we create for this brand must honor the artisan’s who not only invented the magical drink, but also the ones who work hard to spread the tradition.

The use of a paint-like application for the animation is a nod to the rich Italian history of art and craftsmanship.

A Medicinal Potion

As you enter the holiday season, where rich food is a staple at every celebration, we recommend showing up with a bottle of Amaro Montenegro. A party favor that not only extends table conversation but also settles stomachs with time honored ingredients.