Acadian Avenue

Creative Director and Designer: Curt Cooper
Animator: Adrian Bishop
Audio: Coupe Music

Project Background

It is a rare opportunity to shape the comprehensive vision and determine a voice. Our working relationship with the Acadian Avenue founder was a collaboration built on trust. This mutual respect helped make the process exciting for everyone involved as we discussed the unique visuals we wanted to use to showcase the brand. We wanted to convey the company essence in a progressive 3D animation so we took time upfront to really dig into the purpose of this video.

Creating a Cohesive Vision

Drawing inspiration from the founder’s diverse background, which included Acadian and New Orleans roots, we used a variety of symbolic moments to illustrate transformation. From the copywriting to the visuals, to the edit and music composition, every piece was produced with the end goal in mind. It was imperative that the final product was a cohesive vision since we decided to leave the viewer with a sensational feeling, one that would peak interest and promote conversations.