8Bit Voodoo Ranger

New Belgium

New Belgium’s Voodoo Ranger is taking on the gaming community in this social media piece. Returning to 8Bit was a fantastic and nostalgic challenge.  The low-fi world brings a fresh perspective to the 3D animation we typically use for this campaign.  Our visuals explore blurred imagery as we re-imagine how the brewery’s spokesperson relates to his audience. Each element of this spot was hand designed with the 80’s in mind. The overall look had to feel authentic so each frame was done as a unique element.

We began by researching how 8Bit games were traditionally designed.  It became clear that they were made up of a library of interchangeable assets.  Working on a photoshop canvas, 100 pixels high, our team began to hand paint each element. For the Ranger, a custom 3d model was adapted to animate his run and jump cycle.  A selection on poses were then used as a base to paint the 8Bit version on.  Once all the pieces were finalized, it was time to bring them into after effects and place them into a 2.5 D space.  The final product was a successful adaption to throwback animation.