Pax8 Escape Campaign

One Month After Launch

If you’re having trouble convincing your C-Suite to use video as a marketing tool, these results may help. You may be fighting the perception that video is a huge commitment and while it can be, it has the power to change the landscape of your business growth. 

We’ve all seen commercials and brand anthems that we simply couldn’t take our eyes off of; they are attention-grabbing and sell a feeling of connection that is memorable. Those are quite frankly masterpieces. 

Over the last year, we’ve worked alongside the Pax8 marketing leadership to develop their own masterpiece. A video campaign strategy that embraces the power of film as a storytelling platform. The Pax8 marketing team has captivated customers through the use of elegant video marketing because they understand every second matters. 

Pax8 Escape Campaign Stats: 

One Month After Launch…

  • Landing page site visitors: 5,150

  • Percentage of video plays on the page: 30%

  • Video completion rate on the page: 79%

  • Percentage of visitors who went to the Partner Signup form: 2%

The Wingman Escape Distribution Video Trailer


  • Best performing banner ad – 320×50 with a CTR of 1.9% (Benchmark – 0.05%)

  • CTR for LinkedIn static ads: 1.36%

  • CTR for Video ads: 2.0%

  • Video Completion Rate on LinkedIn: 31%(Benchmark is 11%)

  • Total Impressions of banner ads: 1,749,791