Juicy Haze Branding

New Belgium

New Belgium kicked off 2018 with the release of Juicy Haze. This tropical addition marks the fourth beer in the Voodoo Ranger program.
The branding in this case needed to be consistent with the existing persona of the Voodoo Ranger, while also setting the tone for the launch.
We embraced the nudie suit as a fitting evolution in the Voodoo Ranger’s wardrobe. The ornate jacket embodies the spirit of the brand while differentiating the new beer. It not only made sense as an extension, but it also felt like the appropriate look to mark a new year and a bright new flavor.
Lively and fun, unique yet familiar, silly but steeped in artistic tradition, a nudie suit has a way of crossing cultural boundaries. The unique western-born genre is fitting for a Colorado based brewery, however nudie suits have an almost universal appeal, attracting people from all walks of life. Much like a great beer this look doesn’t belong to one specific type of person, it welcomes all to have fun and servers as a reminder not to take yourself too seriously.