Hottest Visual Marketing Trends We’re Seeing in 2019

Five styles showing some staying power

There is no denying that trends can change in an instant and in 2018 many marketing teams had the guts to take a few more risks than years prior. It’s no small feat for marketers investing time and money to connect the right content, to the right person, in an ever changing space.

While we see some trends come and go faster than a toupee in a hurricane —  Here are a few of the top trends that we expect to stick around longer.

ONE: More. Video. Content.

Each year reveals that consumers are watching more video than they did the last – and 2019 is no different. It’s a powerful storytelling tool that is quickly earning respect and bigger budgets from the marketing leadership based on their ROI. The power to drive awareness with interesting, educational, inspiring and entertaining content in a matter of seconds will continue to be a big part of the marketing strategy.

TWO: Thought Provoking Minimalism

Even with the right insights to create the personalization and targeted messaging to the right person, at the right time – there is still noise to be cut through. Campaigns with imagery that elevates simple compositions will inspire the viewer to reflect and become more curious while viewing, thus solidifying an instant brand – consumer bond.

THREE: 3D Design & Animation

One way to captivate people right now is through the illusion of depth in visual content. 3D images and animation adds a level of substance and high-end production value that intrigues viewers and causes them to spend more time examining the object.

FOUR: Nostalgic References

If there is one trend that is the ticket to emotional connection, it’s nostalgic content. Splashing the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s into your designs with an updated contemporary twist is evoking positive responses and increased traction on call to actions.

FIVE: Louder Typography

Typography is taking on new forms as it grows in size, boldness and shape – it’s becoming more dominant than ever before in the graphic space. You’ll continue to notice more creative uses of fonts and the birth of new typefaces as title treatments takes the spotlight and helps guide in viewers through the message.

Consumers are content savvy, so 2019 marketing trends are all about producing high-quality videos experiences that evoke emotional reactions such as a sense of wonder, a hint of nostalgia or pure elation.  Our job at Frost is to define the right visual voice for your brand to ensure the message stands out and resonates with viewers. We are recognized as a Top Branding Agency on DesignRush and thank all of our clients for trusting us with the powerful visuals behind your messages!