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Fargo Season 2

The golden age of television is in full swing and no show is greater evidence of this then our favorite new series, Fargo. Season 2 doesn’t just build on the already firm reputation left after season 1, but launches us into an entirely new level of television perfection. Each show delivers the quirky and dark storyline in a thoughtful production package. From the script writing and acting to the edit and titles, every element is carefully crafted.

Locations were expertly selected to enhance the frigid scenarios. As the DP Dana Gonzales explains, the show is shot mainly on the ALEXA rigged to a jib. The goal was to keep the show setting calm in contrast to the inherently violent drama of it all.
Costume designer Carol Case brings the 70s to life while giving us insight into each character through their coat and overall dress, using vintage pieces whenever possible for authenticity.

The creator Noah Hawley has uncanny attention to detail which surpasses most award winning movies, inviting the viewer to dig deeper, beyond the surface story. His placed great importance on the 1979 time period, an era when the American Dream was changing. Among many things woman’s roles hung in the balance along with the decline of mom and pop size shops. These struggles and more can be felt in the layers of character development as the show is designed to work on many levels.

The show lets the camera tell the story, along with the script, by creating moments that breath and build tension. The tone certainly displays a rare silent confidence during a time when movies are becoming overwhelmingly cutty and fast pace.