Eze- “The Museum Village”

Places that inspire us

There is a stunning, otherworldly community off the southern coast of France called Eze. This captivating escape is perched high above the Mediterranean at 1,401 ft. above sea level. To stand at the edge of its balconies is to feel as though you are floating among the clouds.

This ancient colony, carved out of stone, was founded as a spiritual sanctuary and then converted to a Medieval fortress. Its namesake is derived from the Egyptian goddess Isis, who is the most important female figure in ancient mythology. She represents many things, but most importantly she is the goddess of fertility and abundance. The site was founded by the Phoenician people, who came to Eze in 1306 to build a temple, which honored their mother goddess.

What makes this commune all the more inspiring is its collection of small galleries which are tucked into tiny caves throughout the cobblestone maze of a narrow main street. And if the remarkable history and quaint artist community are not enough, the crowning moment comes at the end of your tour, when you reach the top of the mountain and take in the exotic gardens overlooking the bay.

At night, the emerald sea and full moon make an already breathtaking backdrop undeniably magical. The eclectic artists that inhabit this winding city, with their oil paintings and rare crystal jewelry, captured our imagination. Eze is one of those places that connects you to your inner voice. This idyllic destination will continue to fuel our vision for creating soul stirring content.


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