Day Tripping

MCA Exhibit: Jenny Morgan "Skin Deep"

There is a magnetic quality to Morgan’s paintings.  They hook your gaze at a distance through bright, satisfying color combinations and then hold your stare, luring it’s audience closer.  There is a pull to inspect the intimate details, symbolic nods and startling expressions.  The overall enticement of this exhibit emerges from the contrast of the portraits light, bubbly color appeal blended with the intense intimacy of each subject.  It is quite a pleasurable mix of depth and eye candy.  Although it is never overt, Morgan’s interest in the emotional and spiritual realms influence her compositions.  We sense that a deeper understanding of her subjects exists, even if the audience can only speculate the meaning of certain design choices.  An evocative impression leaves us contemplating what might be beyond the skin.

The exhibit is on display at the MCA Denver through August 27th.