Comic Con

Pop Culture in Denver

It is the only time (outside of Halloween) when you can see a Jedi and Captain America walking through downtown Denver, among the business clad commuters.  What’s not to love when cosplay invades your city for a weekend?  We had to check out this year’s Comic Con meet up.

As you might expect, there is a lot to take in at Comic Con.  When we were not marveling at the intricate costumes, or giant comic book collections, we were weaving through the maze of artists who came to showcase everything from fashion & sculptures to print media & illustrations.  Where else can you buy a Superman hockey jersey and a pair of leather goggles under one roof?

Through the overwhelming crowds of people and vendors there were two artists that stood out to us.  Check out Thomas Overbai and Nate Jones.

Both men take pop culture to a deeper emotional space that evokes thoughtfulness, mixed with a strange haunting impression.  Thomas’ delicate style silently enchanted us while Nate’s bright silhouettes hooked our eye from across the room.  The two contrasting styles left strong impressions on us, bringing back memories and quotes from the stories we love.  How refreshing to see the popular characters we have grown up with in a new light.  The power of an artists lens.