About Frost

We are a design studio

We partner with clients to create stunning video content

Our team specializes in brand design, animation
and live action production

The process is seamless as our team maps out each step

Trust is our foundation and because of that
great ideas have more space to grow

Our Founders

Hidden Fact:

Ferris Bueller got it right when he said, "You realize if we played by the rules right now we'd be in gym?"

Beth Cooper, Director of Production

With thirteen years of blended post-production experience at large and small studios, Beth has a combination of integrated agency experience and formal post training. This unique perspective allows her to truly understand client needs and then execute that vision seamlessly. Her passion is elevating brand messages and spreading positivity throughout the creative experience. Maintaining close relationships with clients and cultivating a rich network of senior animators, are the corner stones of how Beth manages a design studio. Under her direction, each project is regarded as a unique opportunity to develop truly inspiring content.

Hidden Fact:

"With great power comes great micromanaging."
-Dr. House

Curt Cooper, Creative Director

Curt has over 15 years of experience leading motion design projects backed by a lifetime of classic art training. After graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design, he worked as a Creative Director at top design boutiques in Chicago. In 2011 he moved to Denver to experience life in the mountains and bring his expertise to a growing market. He has a passion for combining realistic 3D design with live action footage and bringing the surreal thoughts of the creative subconscious to life, which was the inspiration for starting Frost. Curt’s passion lies in using motion design as a thoughtful and artistic vehicle to share a message.