A Video Producer’s Photography Adventure

Our Producer Tatiana hit the road this winter with her camera. She returned with a unique perspective on the creative spirit’s ability to thrive in the unknown.


Where did you go most recently for photography? 

I went with a handful of people on a 10-day van life adventure. We left from Colorado and drove through Eastern Wyoming to Devil’s Tower National Monument, then over to South Dakota’s quaint western town, Deadwood. After picking up a few nuggets of information from the locals, we headed to the epic views of Big Horn Canyon.  A breathtaking location that expands across the Wyoming/Montana border.  Finally, we made a long snowy (sketchy) trek down into Jackson Hole and the Teton National Park where we spent 5 wonderful days. 


What camera gear did you pack, and do you have a favorite lens?

My camera bag has become more exciting to pack than my suitcase these days. 

I’m a Sony girl and my go-to camera is my Sony a7riii. A handful of my favorite lenses are always in tow (24-105 mm, 70-200 mm, 85mm, 24 mm) along with my DJI Mavic Air drone and my GoPro Hero 7

Picking a favorite lens feels like picking a favorite child to me; they all have unique reasons for why they come along with me. However, the lens I use most often is the 24-105 mm as it truly is the most versatile and helps to avoid constant lens changes while on the move. 


What was the hardest challenge creatively?

Hands down, the weather challenged me more than ever before. I went into this shoot with a half-baked plan and a general shot list knowing we may get thrown for a few loops. The great outdoors was my studio, which meant the shots were mostly dependent on the weather, natural lighting, and scenic backgrounds. The elements didn’t play to our favor for about half of the trip and there was no time to wait around for the “perfect day” to arrive. I was forced to think up new ideas on the spot and learn to go with the flow. 

When things don’t go as planned I am forced to really flex my creative muscles. It always serves up an adrenaline rush that I’ve learned to thrive in. Ironically, my favorite shots often come while thinking on my feet. 


What was your favorite shot?

One afternoon a storm quickly rolled into Jackson Hole, blocking the beautiful Tetons in a complete whiteout. It was disappointing to start a hike with absolutely nothing in sight – but then as I looked at the models through my lens…the pop of color in their jackets standing out against a sea of white, I knew I had something significant. I felt a shift. It was truly an authentic moment of adventure, and proof of the magic that can happen when wandering into the unknown. What came out of the camera was so simple, yet so powerful. 


Whose work has influenced you most as a photographer? 

I’m inspired by so many photographers, filmmakers, writers, and artists daily. That’s part of the beauty of social media, there are so many talented people at our fingertips. 

I tend to gravitate towards the moody tones and vibes in the storytelling process and a few of those folks are… 

Garrett King: He has a way with colors and tones. Garrett comes from a design background, knows his way around the color wheel, and a thing or two about working his camera to create intentional pieces.  Also, known as Short Stache. 

Luke Gottlieb: This talented guy works magic with angles and lighting that has lead to some incredible portrait and editorial work. Luke has a nice balance of unique interests in his life that I feel is part of what keeps his creative spark alive. Also, known as Victor of Valencia. 

Marianna Jamadi: Also known as Nomadic Habit.  I can tell she is a thoughtful observer and really captivates my attention through her attention to detail. She sees simple and ordinary moments, as so much more. There is a way about how she unravels and freezes a moment that makes you feel.  


How does photography enhance your work as a video producer?

Having an eye for photography has provided me with a well-rounded approach to my job as a video producer. So much goes on in my mind when I’m photographing- much more than framing up the perfect shot. There is often a sense of urgency, problem solving, common sense and creative value that get stronger as I continue to practice. 

Working to bring a vision to life is all part of the creative process, and having that skill helps me relate and understand the design team that I work with daily.

→See more of Tatiana’s adventure’s: @tatiana.alexandra